What Has Derby Learned?

Adult dog I and II

When I first got Derby, we started puppy training. I talked about Puppy Training I and Puppy Training II here is this post. I talked about the basic steps to becoming a therapy dog in this post here. Check them out!

Derby has been a busy guy! He’s been growing and learning a lot. We completed Adult Dog Training I/II. These two classes focused on cementing basic commands and loose leash walking. So far Derby can do the following commands:

Derby’s Commands

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Come
  • Stay
  • Stand
  • Leave it
  • Drop it
  • Walk with me
  • Place
  • Off
  • Find it
  • Shake
  • Nice

Adult Dog Training has been helpful. He’s grown a lot in his skills. Some of these things are more consistent than others. We worked a lot of loose leash walking. He’s getting pretty good at sitting when I stop and walking when I walk. Petco is a little less consistent than at home. Too many fun dogs and smells. If there is any dog food left under the shelves, then all bets are off. This dog loves his food and treats!

After these two classes were completed, we started a 4 week clicker dog training. This added the extra task of a clicker when going through his commands. He seemed to really pick this up after the initial frustration of figuring out the click meant “good job here’s a treat.”

Clicker Training Commands

  • On
  • In
  • Touch
  • High Five

I tried to use these new commands to teach him to ring a bell to go outside. This hasn’t been the most successful yet, but we are continuing to work on it. He likes to just stand and stare at me intently if he is loose, or he will bark if stuck in the kitchen.

Derby is quite the chatty dog. He has a lot to say which is funny since he’s a speech therapy dog! Dog training has helped. We are working on “quiet.” He will stop barking, but doesn’t really care to continue with it. I’m committed to make him understand “quiet.”

But good news! He is had a birthday! He is now a year old! Happy Birthday Derby! The time went by fast. He can now be in the kitchen by himself instead of stuck in the crate. He has stopped using the kitchen cabinets at his chew toys. Yay! He will cuddle for a little bit and watch tv.

happy birthday

In the next update on Derby, we will talk about the Canine Good Citizen class and the 10 tasks on the test. We are moving along in our quest to be a therapy dog so he can help out in therapy sessions when appropriate. Check out some ideas in this post here!

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